Who are the top-five highest paid players at Manchester United currently?

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The wage bill at Manchester United is not in healthy shape. Despite shedding off Cristiano Ronaldo‘s mammoth contract, there are concerns surrounding their fate with Financial Fair Play. Most of it is down to underperformers being on huge contracts that no other team would take without compensation.

As another David de Gea error against West Ham this time led to an inquest about his expiring contract and exorbitant salary, here are the top-5 highest-paid players at Manchester United as of the time of writing. The list does not make for pretty reading when put in the context of these players’ performances. So, buckle up, and be ready to get disappointed, and unfortunately surprised (All figures according to Spotrac)-

5- Anthony Martial- £250,000/week

They say begin as you mean to go on. In that sentiment, Anthony Martial’s inclusion at the beginning of the list encapsulates everything wrong with Manchester United’s wage structure.

Having joined the club in the summer of 2015 as one of the world’s best youngsters, to say that he hasn’t fulfilled his potential would be a huge understatement.

Be it his perceived lack of effort on the field, his injury-proneness, his streaks of hot and cold form, or his one-dimensional style of play, Martial hasn’t been the answer to United’s forward problems. After eight years at the club, it is clear that he won’t be.

Still, in true Manchester United’s business sense post-Sir Alex, he was awarded a new contract with a wage rise in 2019. On his current contract, he earns more than Martin Odegaard and Mason Mount combined! It sums up Manchester United’s decision-making in the past decade.

It expires in 2024 with an option for another year, which shouldn’t be exercised in any case.

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