Can Paul Pogba lead Manchester United to the Premier League title?

Paul Pogba, Manchester United. (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)
Paul Pogba, Manchester United. (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images) /

Currently, Manchester United sit at second in the Premier League table. Of course, there is plenty of time until the end of the season but promising signs are showing that the Red Devils could be back on their way to the top.

There is an amalgamation of things that have contributed to United’s recent good form and fortune. One of the biggest is the resurgence of Paul Pogba, with the Frenchman experiencing a fine patch of form, arguably one of the best periods he’s had in his career. Could his fine form be the Red Devils’ ticket back to the top?

Since the signing of Bruno Fernandes a year ago, there has been an argument that he is now the midfield star and with Pogba dropping in and out of form throughout his time at Old Trafford, Fernandes has arguably been the man United have pinned all their hopes and dreams on.

Add the persistent rumours surrounding his future at the club and it’s easy to understand why a large majority of  Manchester United fans either didn’t want Pogba to stay long term or couldn’t see him being at the club long term. Pogba’s popularity has lessened with every rumour that comes out about his future and with every word his agent says to the press.

Pogba could turn out to be the key for Manchester United going forward though

The beginning of the season was rough for Pogba, contracting the virus as well as an ankle injury. A lot of fans and pundits commented at the start of the season that the midfielder looked lethargic and tired with the effects of the disease seemingly taking their toll on him.

In the early stages of the season, United looked better without Pogba. He was dropped and the team played better and when he came back into the fold against West Ham United, scoring that wonder goal, his agent began spreading rumours of his unhappiness at the club. Manchester United fans were stuck between a rock and a hard place with him, when he performs well his future is shrouded with uncertainty and when he doesn’t perform well he is frustrating to watch.

This season, Pogba seems to be playing up to his price tag though. He has been contributing with goals and assists and is an important cog in United’s playing style.

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A lot of this may be down to a level of peace that Pogba feels at the club. The tumultuous atmosphere that was prominent during Jose Mourinho’s tenure is now gone and he has a very positive and supportive relationship with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer that stems back from his first spell at United.

If Pogba’s desire is to leave the club, he’s certainly playing like a man that the big clubs will pay the big money for. It’s common knowledge that United wouldn’t want to let him go for less than they paid for him, especially when they know the level that he can play to. But with just a year left on his contract in the summer, they could be forced to.

Most title winning teams have a talisman, a performer that drags them through every rough patch and run of poor form to get them to the top. The last time United won a title their talisman was Dutchman Robin van Persie, Liverpool’s was Mohammed Salah, Manchester City’s was Kevin de Bruyne. It’s a key part of a title winning team. Many believed Fernandes would take this role but Pogba is giving him a run for his money right now.

Winning a Premier League title would be a fitting way for Pogba to end his United career, if that is what he desires. There would be a sense of closure, that the promises that were made to him when he joined under Mourinho were not empty or futile, that his best years were spent somewhere where he won.

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