Ed Woodward is ready to make massive Solskjaer decision

It looks like Ed Woodward might be ready to make a massive decision regarding Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s future at Manchester United.

For the past several seasons, it has been a story one step forward and two steps back for Manchester United. They just can’t find a way to get back into that winning habit that made them so successful under Sir Alex Ferguson.

There have been bright spots under every manager that has come since then. But for every thing that seems to go right, two end up going wrong. And it is quickly starting to look like the same could end up being the case for Solskjaer as well.

When the Norwegian took over from Mourinho, he went on an incredible run when it looked like he might just have the key to unlock the Manchester United. It has not been exactly smooth sailing since then though.

Yes, overall it has looked like the club have progressed in some areas and while there were quite a few stumbles along the way, they did finish third last season. It is undeniable though that the start to this season will concern the Red Devils fans.

Solskjaer’s side lost 3-1 at home to Crystal Palace on opening day before edging out a victory away at Brighton and Hove Albion in an equally bad performance. The 6-1 loss at Old Trafford at the hands of Jose Mourinho’s Tottenham Hotspur team would have sent alarm bells ringing though and you have to think it is only a matter of time before questions are raised about the manager’s future.

According to reports in The Daily Mirror, Ed Woodward is ready to sack Solskjaer if the results do not improve. Although many fans have questioned the Manchester United executive vice-chairman’s inability to deliver the players that the manager wanted in the transfer window.

If the club does end up sacking Solskjaer, it will be the same old story. While questions have always been raised regarding his ability to manage a club of this size, he has made some progress through the course of his time in the managerial hot seat.

Sacking him right now will only mean bringing another manager in, giving him the time to settle in and then getting him the players in the next transfer window so that the club can play the style of football he wants. A cycle that has become familiar to Manchester United fans over the past year or so.