Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford deserves formal recognition

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Manchester United’s Rashford deserves recognition.

In April as the pandemic held its grip on Britain, Matt Hancock stood on a podium and criticised footballers for not taking a wage-cut amidst the unfurling crisis. His venomous words were in total ignorance. Hancock failed to praise the work many players had done to help those struggling during the pandemic and the countless charitable contributions made by the Premier League. One of the most active players was Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford.

The forward has raised £20 million working alongside the FareShare charity organisation in a bid to help young kids across the country have vital access to free school meals amidst the lockdown. In total Rashford has supplied 3 million meal packages to kids in need.

The valiant effort by the forward was carried out selflessly and is a tremendous gesture in an era where footballers hardly get recognition for their charitable work.

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Rashford having grown up in poverty, had to rely on free school meals himself he told the UTD Podcast in late April. The forward understands the profound difficulties kids have to face growing up in such environments.

Now the Man United forward has waged another campaign in a bid to put pressure the government to reverse its decision to not extend the free school meals voucher system.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast via the Independent, Rashford has raised awareness to the issue and has warned ‘food poverty in England is a pandemic which could span generations if we don’t course correct now.’

The England international, who has spent over half a decade in United’s first team having broken through the academy ranks, is a great example of a modern day role model on and off the pitch. Rashford speaking up is a testament to his character and it is something which should not go unnoticed.

The Man United number ten deserves formal recognition for his work and for his efforts to help feed millions of kids in need across the United Kingdom.

His charity work has helped many already and will hopefully have a profound impact on improving poverty and helping to aid young kids growing up in harsh circumstances.

People have received MBEs for less and if Rashford continues his excellent work he should be among the candidates.

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Do you agree, is Marcus Rashford worthy of an MBE?