Manchester United midfielder has similar physique to Cristiano Ronaldo

(Photo by MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP via Getty Images)
(Photo by MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP via Getty Images) /

This Manchester United star has been likened to Ronaldo.

When he left the fans wept. The Stretford End fell into a deep depression and a gaping abyss grew at Manchester United. It is a chasm which has only increased by each passing year. Cristiano Ronaldo was an icon at Old Trafford. He was worshipped by the fans and he made them be in utter awe.

Ronaldo was a magician. He could weave through defenders as if they were not even there and slalom past an entire team on the pitch. When the ball left his boot, it was usually lethal. Cristiano Ronaldo wielded a fearsome shot which had been honed to precision and he could unleash it from almost any angle.

Goalkeepers feared him, defenders dreaded to face him. Cristiano Ronaldo was the complete player and he was one of the best in the world. Therefore it is no surprise his departure left a gaping void at Old Trafford which still hasn’t been filled to this day.

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Fans are perpetually yearning for someone of Ronaldo’s ilk to don the Red Devils colours once more. Though after a decade since his departure that wish is yet to be fulfilled.

The longing has only grown over the years. Sometimes rumours surround his return but they never have any credence.

Though it seems, in terms of physique there could finally be someone to match Cristiano Ronald once more at Old Trafford.

Manchester Evening News via the Daily Express has claimed that in terms of Scott McTominay‘s physique there are comparisons to be made with Cristiano Ronaldo himself.

McTominay who broke through the ranks under Jose Mourinho has enjoyed a stellar season. Of course he plays in a different position than Ronaldo but one can see the point Manchester Evening News are trying to make.

Just like the Portuguese, Scott McTominay has rippling muscles and looks like he spends a lot of time in the gym. His bulging thighs and sinewy muscles makes him a menacing figure on the pitch.

That will certainly improve his game and the Scotsman looked extremely sharp prior to the suspension of the football.

Scott McTominay has exuberant energy on the field, but he can strike the ball with venomous power too.

His long range goal against Manchester City this season was thoroughly impressive and certainly Ronaldo esque.

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Can you see the similarities between Scott McTominay and Ronaldo?