Manchester United: Arch-rivals ‘leading the race’ for Jadon Sancho

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Manchester United are reportedly falling behind in their pursuit.

It is hard to believe that there are Manchester United fans who are not aware of the prolonged rivalry. What was once the battle of economical and political agendas between two famed cities has now made a comprehensive impact on English football.

The very rivalry is regarded as one of the greatest in European football, if not the greatest. Yes, we are talking about the continued tug-of-war between Manchester United and Liverpool Football Club.

Both clubs have their own traditions and a rich history that every time reminds their followers of responsibilities. Moreover, both clubs hold a massive fan following across the globe. Every match they play, whether it is a league game or a cup competition, never leaves a seat empty at the venue.

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However, the current unprecedented scenarios causing by the coronavirus outbreak will see matches being played behind closed-doors. It means both Anfield and Old Trafford will remain empty as there will be no spectator to watch their games with bare eyes for the time being.

After years of domination with Sir Alex Ferguson at the helm, Manchester United’s trophy-winning streak has seen a slight declination over the last few years.

Meanwhile, Liverpool, after remaining in the shadows of their former ones for more than one decade, have awakened under the management of Jurgen Klopp, who helped the Merseysiders win a long-awaited trophy in the form of UEFA Champions League last season.

United are trying to bring their name back to where it belongs. With a little hope of moving the club back to the pinnacle of European football, club manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is spending his days seeing out every opportunity that could be helpful in his Everest-esque mission.

His motto is to build a United team around fresh and exciting prodigies who are the future of the post- Messi-Ronaldo era. And in order to build something like that, some major acquisitions are needed.

Manchester United may have already targetted a prodigy, and you might know his name. He is English but currently plays for Bundesliga’s side Borussia Dortmund. With Jadon Sancho on the radar, Manchester United are desperate to fill the right-wing spot which still doesn’t have a fixed claimant.

The club management and the fans think Sancho could be well suited for the right-wing job. And it is believed that the illustrious ‘No. 7’ shirt of Manchester United, previously worn by some legendary United names like Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham, George Best, Eric Cantona, is specially kept for the 20-year-old wonderkid.

However, there are some hurdles in the way of Manchester United and Jadon Sancho that currently makes the situation complex for United. Dortmund rate the superstar very highly and would not accept any transfer fee lower than their asking price, expected to be £87 million (€100 million).

Amidst the pandemic crisis, teams are supposed to lose a hefty amount of money which would eventually affect them in the transfer market. Hence, we might see the quietest summer transfer window in its recent history.

Nevertheless, it is believed that United have the money in place to make more than one signing in the upcoming transfer window. According to the reports hovering in the air, United are trying to negotiate with Dortmund over the transfer fee of Jadon Sancho.

Now, out of nowhere, a report from French outlet Le 10 Sports claims that United rival Liverpool are ‘leading the race’ for Jadon Sancho. Tough, it looks very unlikely that Liverpool would spend that amount of money after missing out on Timo Werner, who was available for €60 million (£50.5 million), to Chelsea.

The Sancho saga is heating up with each passing weeks. And it remains to be how the story revolves in the upcoming weeks.

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