Manchester United could sell Sir Alex Ferguson’s favourite players

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According to the latest reports, Manchester United could be on the brink of selling some of Sir Alex Ferguson’s favourite players in the summer.

Cast your mind back to almost a decade ago. At the time Manchester United possessed one of the most formidable teams in world football. The squad was filled to the brim with elite stars and it was led by one of the greatest managers to have ever coached in the game.

Sir Alex Ferguson was a pioneer and an icon. He transformed the Red Devils from the shadows of their arch rivals in Liverpool and moulded the club into the most successful in the history of English football.

Ferguson had the uncanny ability to build the squad year after year and to always find the right candidates to sign and strengthen his team.

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He was a genius and remains the most integral figure in the history of United.

However, the glory days of Sir Alex Ferguson’s era are way behind the club. Ferguson’s success almost seems like an intangible myth nowadays.

The Red Devils are miles away from where they once were. Since Ferguson’s departure, the club has fallen deep into the abyss.

Liverpool and Manchester City have toppled the United dynasty and now the club linger in the ashes of Ferguson’s success.

Only small vestiges of Ferguson remain at the club.

These include some of Ferguson’s own players, in Chris Smalling, David de Gea and Phil Jones. The Scotsman brought the trio to Old Trafford as youngsters.

All three of them have had impressive careers in the Red Devil shirt.

However their status and place in the starting eleven has come under threat in recent years. Especially since the reign of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has commenced.

The Norwegian who served as a player under Ferguson for over a decade is keen to instil his former mentor’s philosophy by building the team’s foundation through young talents.

With Smalling, Jones and de Gea all approaching their thirties, they no longer fit into that vision.

And according to a report by the Daily Express, all three of Ferguson’s former players could be departing the club in the summer with the club willing to listen to offers.

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Do you think selling, Smalling, Jones and de Gea is the right move by the club?