The top five Manchester United forwards of all time

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Manchester United have had some of the best forwards in the world, from World Cup winners to record holders, here’s the top five.

The glory. The sheer elation as the ball thumps the back of the net and the crowd goes ecstatic. The tight clutches of teammates, the explosion of noise. Goalscoring can be an addictive practise. The Manchester United players on this list will be all too aware of the phenomenon.

These players were accomplished goal-scorers at Old Trafford, who could find the back of the net with ease. They had an innate ability to score goals. It flowed through their veins.

Throughout the club’s history they were responsible for creating the Red Devils most famous victories and successes.

They are held in esteemed regard and indelible to the United faithful.

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Here are the top five United forwards to have ever played for the club.

5. Ruud van Nistelrooy

Club Appearances: 219

Club Goals: 150

The shaggy haired Dutchman was an ice-cold goalscorer. He could find the back of the net with ease.

Ruud van Nistelrooy was the perfect all round forward. Excellent on the ball and with pace to burn, he also had a height advantage which made him a fearsome master of the art of heading.

The United faithful were sad to see him depart for Real Madrid during his prime. Certainly, had he stayed, his name might have been higher on the list.

4. Eric Cantona

Club Appearances: 182

Club Goals: 82

The famous United number seven was a cult hero at Old Trafford. On and off the pitch he was an entertaining presence with witty remarks and clever tricks.

He was adored by the United faithful. His tricks and incredible goals are entrenched in the club’s lore.

One has to wonder what might have been had Cantona stayed at Old Trafford for longer.

3. Denis Law

Club Appearances: 404

Club Goals: 237

What a player. What a striker. Denis Law was a wizard on the ball during his time at Old Trafford. He is regarded as the first king of the Stretford End and he was a vital part of Matt Busby’s successful reign at United.

Law was lightning quick and with a clever eye for goal. He once scored 46 goals in 42 games during the 1963-64 season.

2. Bobby Charlton

Club Appearances: 758

Club Goals: 249

An original Busby babe, Charlton was fortunate to survive the Munich Air crash disaster. He spent an incredible 17 seasons at the club and is undoubtedly one of the best players to have ever played for United as well as the most prolific goal-scorer.

For decades he was the club’s top goalscorer of all time.

1. Wayne Rooney

Club Appearances: 559

Club Goals: 253

When Wayne Rooney arrived at Old Trafford as a fresh faced 18 year old perhaps not many would have expected him to break Bobby Charlton’s long standing record.

But quickly Rooney won over the fans with a hat-trick on his debut and became a fan favourite.

He spent thirteen season at Old Trafford and hit double figures in terms of goals and assists in every single one.

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Who is your favourite United forward of all time?