Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs makes shocking admission


The Manchester United legend, Ryan Giggs, has made a shocking admission about the Red Devils in an interview he has given recently.

When you think of Manchester United, you think of Ryan Giggs, the two are synonymous with one another. The Welsh winger spent a spectacular 24 seasons with the club and is undoubtedly one of the best players to have ever donned the Red Devils shirt.

Ryan Giggs’ legacy is legendary. He played 963 games for United in all competitions and his trophy horde is filled to the brim with both team and individual honours.

His ability to adapt his game to his ageing legs and his astute understanding of football enabled him to play for so long.

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He is the perfect example of a professional and role model to emulate for many aspiring footballers.

Right now the United boss is in charge of the Welsh national team and hopes to lead them to success in the upcoming European Championships.

But his focus has not prevented him from keeping a close eye on the Red Devils and his former club.

Speaking to Premier League Predictions via Manchester Evening News Ryan Giggs has made a shocking revelation about his time at Manchester United.

Giggs revealed that the best player he ever played with was Paul Scholes.

This comes as a surprise considering Giggs shared the pitch with the likes of Rio Ferdinand, Eric Cantona, Peter Schmeichel, Wayne Rooney and multiple Ballon D’or winner, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ryan Giggs had the following to say:

"“People always ask ‘who’s the best player you’ve played with?’ and probably (ability-wise) Cristiano for what he’s gone on to do with Real Madrid, Juventus and Portugal but the best United player I played with was Scholesey for all the reasons I’ve just given you.”"

Of course Paul Scholes was a special player on his day, and he is up there with some of the best midfielders to have represented the club. His passing ability, distribution and creativity often helped the Red Devils to break down defences with ease. He could also score from long distance and had the ability to spark the United midfield into life in any given moment.

However, Ryan Giggs’ choice is a bit of a surprise considering the other options he could have chosen.

Undoubtedly there might have been some bias in his decision considering both Giggs and Scholes came through the ranks at United’s academy and have a strong bond together.

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Do you think Ryan Giggs is right about Paul Scholes?