Why Park Ji-sung was the most underrated Manchester United player


The South Korean superstar was one of the most underrated players to have ever donned the Manchester United shirt. Here’s why.

In football you don’t ask for much as a fan. You simply want to see commitment and desire from the players. Manchester United fans are the same. Lose, draw or win, first and foremost it is the effort from the players that counts.

Park Ji-sung was the epitome of what every fan wants to see. He had unlimited stamina on the football pitch. He could run up and down and chase loose balls until eternity. The energy which he had was electric and it was a nuisance for the opposition.

Park Ji-sung would pester defenders and pressure them into making mistakes with his uncanny and exceptional tackling ability. A trait extremely rare for someone who preferred to play in attacking roles.

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Park Ji-Sung would be the first to instigate and finishes off Manchester United’s deadly counter attacks and at the end of the game he’d be the one making sure the Red Devils did not slacken and continued to press until the referee blew the final whistle.

On top of his exuberant nature, Park Ji-sung oozed quality. He was excellent on the ball and could play in almost any position Sir Alex Ferguson demanded of him. Park Ji-sung’s footballing intelligence was exemplary. He understood what runs he needed to make, when to put pressure on the ball or the best pass to make.

He was the perfect team player. He would be willing to sacrifice his position in the team and often played in roles in order to do just that.

On top of everything, Park Ji-sung’s dribbling ability was a standout trait, he could dribble past opponents with ease and his pace always gave him that extra edge against defenders.

The South Korean international had everything you could ask from a player. Yet often he was overshadowed by the presence of the likes of Ronaldo and Rooney in the team.

The truth is, Park Ji-sung created the space for the likes of Ronaldo and Rooney to thrive in with his clever positional play.

Not much is talked about him since his retirement, but with 205 appearances for Manchester United and 27 goals, Park Ji-sung is a true Red Devils legend.

His goals in vital games makes him a cult hero and a much beloved presence at Old Trafford.

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