Manchester United: Why the walkout against the Glazers will not work


Manchester United fans are planning a mass walkout against the club’s owners next weekend, however it will not reap the rewards they expect.

From top to bottom a crisis has been simmering at Manchester United ever since the departure of the club’s legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson. The crisis has now started to froth and things are turning from bad to worse at Old Trafford.

The club has been run down. Even the stadium itself, the so called theatre of dreams is dilapidated and for those who visit regularly they might have noticed that the roof itself has started to leak. That is an accurate illustration of how much the Glazers have neglected Manchester United over the years. But especially since the departure of Alex Ferguson which consequently begun the club’s decline and the Red Devils were no longer churning out the mass profit which made the Glazers gleam.

The anger of the Red Devils faithful is more than justified. The vehement boos which echoed around Old Trafford after the defeat to Burnley were ominous.

The club’s board and owners are rightly to blame for the mess Manchester United finds itself in. Ed Woodward has been incompetent in bringing the right signings to the club. Far too many times have deals collapsed. Yet other times Manchester United have paid hefty fees and wages to players who perhaps did not merit it. There seems to be no strategic thinking behind the board’s moves. It is as if they are working on a whim.

The results are unsatisfactory too as well as the performances. The team lacks direction, cohesion and is often devoid of passion.

And so that anger will manifest in a mass walkout against Wolverhampton next weekend as reported via the Daily Express. The fans will literally turn their back on their beloved club in the hope for change.

Yet as the Glazers will look on, they will simply shrug. They have felt the Red Devils’ resentment in the past and have done very little to appease it.

Often times it feels like they are in it for the money rather than the passion.

So, yes the walkout will signify the club’s anger but the chances are very little will change as a result.

The dire downward trajectory of Manchester United will inevitably continue.

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