Manchester United: Solskjaer to make huge risk against Liverpool


The Manchester United boss is expected to make a huge gamble against Liverpool in a desperate bid to thwart the club’s arch rivals.

The fans. The chorus of melodies blending with one another. The chants lauding and spurring their team. The snide shouts. The gestures of fingers. The elation. The glory. The despair. The head in your head moments. Who doesn’t love derby day? And when it comes to derbies it doesn’t come any bigger than Manchester United against Liverpool.

It is a rivalry steeped in tradition between two of the oldest and most famous cities in the North. The clubs have had a long and illustrious history too. In the 1950s Manchester United dominated the scene. In the 1960s Liverpool begun to emerge from the Second Division and they laid claim to the 70s and 80s winning European Cup and League titles one after another.

The 90s heralded a change with Sir Alex Ferguson coming to Old Trafford and bringing about almost three decades of Red Devil dominance in England overtaking the Liverbird.

Liverpool despaired and lingered in mediocrity.

However recently the tides have turned. Under Jurgen Klopp the Merseyside Reds have clawed their way back to the top meanwhile Manchester United have fallen down the ladder.

The gap in the Premier League stands at 27 points as the two teams head into the big match on Sunday. It is a menacing gap and the Red Devils will be determined to at least snip a little bit of it away.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is desperate to ensure his side get a famous upset at Anfield. For that he will need his best players.

Whilst the BBC reported that Marcus Rashford is expected to be ruled out of the game, it seems that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is prepared to risk the United star man. According to the Daily Mirror Marcus Rashford ‘is willing to play through the pain barrier’ in order to be on the pitch against Liverpool.

Ideally United will want Rashford to play, however if he is not fully fit and he could aggravate the injury it could be a huge risk to play him in such an intense and fast paced game and United could potentially lose him for an extensive period.

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What do you think should Marcus Rashford play against Liverpool?