Forget about Pochettino or Allegri, this is the man Manchester United need

Manchester United should not pursue the likes of Pochettino and Allegri to replace Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, they need someone with more mettle.

Manchester United are in a state of disrepair. The club is rapidly declining. They are no longer at the pinnacle of Europe like they once were. They are a shadow of themselves. The glory days of Sir Alex Ferguson seem like a distant memory. A piece of fiction impossible to fathom.

The club is run incredibly dismally. From top to bottom things are not quite right with the Red Devils. The board is shambolic. The squad is a mess. Even the roof at Old Trafford is leaking. The theatre of dreams is dilapidated with rust laden and decrepit seats.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is doing the best he can at a sinking ship, perhaps bigger than the Titanic. The Norwegian has done well bringing through youth players, but he has failed to pull out the root of the problems at Manchester United.

That root is the festering Manchester United board. The board of directors are inept. They have run the club to the ground with erroneous decisions in the transfer market and in deciding which managers to bring to the club since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson. Worst of all the club’s wage structure is shambolic with many mediocre players on extremely high wages such as the likes of Luke Shaw and Juan Mata as well as Alexis Sanchez. These players are earning some of the best wages in Europe which they simply do not warrant.

Money is being spent, but it is spent on the wrong things. The wrong personnel. The wrong negotiations.

Manchester United are slowly losing their grip on the elite.

Something needs to change at the club rapidly. Whilst Ole Gunnar Solskjaer may have done an amicable job in his tenure so far, his character is meek. He is too subservient to the powers above him and that will be his inevitable downfall.

Yet the managers who have been touted to replace him all have the same characteristics too. Mauricio Pochettino may be a better coach than Solskjaer, but at Tottenham he still bowed down to the demands of Daniel Levy just as Massimiliano Allegri did to his board of directors at Juventus.

In these two managers, United will be essentially getting more of the same. They will not do.

The solution to revive the club in fact lies far closer to home about 40 miles further up north at Leeds.

That man is the enigmatic Marcelo Bielsa. The Argentinian coach is renowned for his strong personality and his ruthlessness and he could be the perfect candidate for the job at Old Trafford.

In the past Marcelo Bielsa has not been shy of letting go of senior and experienced players who he had deemed not good enough. Take his time in charge of Lille for an example. That trait is desperately needed at Manchester United with the club having a plethora of deadwood players who need to be weeded out.

Marcelo Bielsa also demands his board to sign the players he really needs. He has a clear vision and he works tirelessly to achieve it. Often managers in the past at Manchester United have lacked direction and clarity and succumbed to the board. Marcelo Bielsa will do no such thing.

He has proven himself at Athletic Bilbao in the past when he led the underdog team to a Europa League final masterminding a victory over Sir Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United along the way.

Currently he is doing an excellent job at Leeds United and could finally help the team to promotion this season.

His presence at Manchester United could have a revolutionary impact. He could be the man to lead the Red Devils back to their glory days. Marcelo Bielsa is a unique character who lives and breathes football. He is a true genius.

What do you think could Marcelo Bielsa be the man to lead Manchester United back to the top?