Ole on the Line: The Tasks Ahead for Manchester United’s Manager

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6. Hope for the best

Despite his best efforts, much of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s success will depend on events and circumstances outside his immediate control. Manchester United’s drop from ascendancy has been severally linked to Mr Ed Woodward’s failings in handling the club’s transition post-Ferguson. The executive vice chairman’s decisions portended a quick-fix approach rather than a holistic plan to sustain the club’s top dog status in the Premier League.

The strident calls for a director of football who will adopt a more long-term strategic approach appears to have fallen on deaf ears. Yet this is imperative in order to put United in tandem with modern practices in the football universe. Woodward appears hell-bent on being having undiluted power at the club to chart the direction of the club as he wishes. Solskjaer would have to hope that the club’s upper echelon will take decisions that would not imperil his managerial aspirations.

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Coming from an era of unprecedented success, the so-called class of 92 and as well his Nordic heritage, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s antecedents demands that he understand the fullness of the tasks at hand, the inestimable riches of success and of course the ignominy and desolation that awaits him should he fail in his Manchester United career.