Ole on the Line: The Tasks Ahead for Manchester United’s Manager

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4. Sign the right personnel

Manchester United Football Club of recent seems to have become a honey pot attracting the odd itinerant superstar footballer and an abode for the mercenary player. The pervasive sense that the playing staff were lured by money and would need only to just put up a show to justify their bloated wages was and is still palpable. Much of the previous signings were made largely for advertising value rather than suitability to a specified playing style. Hence the present crop of players often appears disjointed and ineffectual in their play.

Solskjaer must eliminate this conundrum by ensuring that the club signs the right kind of players – players who are self-motivated and are prepared to give their best and all. The manager and his coaching staff also have to insist on a dedication to improving their individual skills set and overall team tactics.