Diego Maradona as Manchester United manager? No, thank you


Argentina legend Diego Maradona has stated that he is interested in managing Manchester United. Does he want to ruin the club even further?

In possibly the most bizarre story of the summer so far, footballing legend Diego Maradona has declared his interest in managing Manchester United.

I’m not making this up – the former Argentina international has claimed in a recent interview that he could restore the club to its former glory if handed the reins at Old Trafford.

Maradona is widely considered one of the greatest footballers of all time, with 310 career goals and a World Cup to his name.

However, the Argentinian has been a controversial figure since his retirement as a player, known for his drug abuse and unsavoury political views.

Nevertheless, Maradona has gone on to have a career as a manager and is currently the head coach at Mexican club Dorados de Sinaloa.

Could he really make the jump up to managing Manchester United? Don’t make me laugh. But Maradona certainly thinks he could.

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Sitting down with FourFourTwo, the 58-year-old had this to say about he could bring to the club:

"“If Manchester [United] need a coach, I’m the man to do it.”“I know they sell lots of shirts around the world, but they need to win trophies too. I can do that for them.”"

If only it were that simple, Diego. United are indeed in a mess right now, and if they want to get out of it, they need a manager with a clear vision on how to turn the club around.

And guess what? They have one! Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has done a brilliant job at the club so far in cleaning up the mess that Jose Mourinho left behind – although it wasn’t enough to bring us back into the Premier League top four.

Nevertheless, you can bet that Solskjaer will do a much better job at United next season than Maradona ever could. The former Napoli star hasn’t even managed a major football club before or won a single trophy as head coach.

His interview with FourFourTwo also contained this gem:

"“With United, I liked Ander Herrera. Paul Pogba? Doesn’t work hard enough.”"

Does somebody want to tell Maradona that Herrera is no longer at the club? And that Paul Pogba has the same number of World Cup medals as him?

Look, I’m not denying that Maradona has a fantastic footballing brain. But since he hung up his boots, he hasn’t been using it all that much.

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There’s no way that United will get rid of Solskjaer this summer. The Norwegian looks like he has a plan in place to revamp the squad, and if the board are willing to back him, he will surely take us back to winning ways.