Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba does not deserve the criticism he gets from the media


The media’s obsession with Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba has kickstarted all over again and is completely unjustified, yet again.

Earlier in the season, then Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho had very clearly fallen out with star player Paul Pogba.

Mourinho stripped the midfielder of his vice-captaincy, dropped him for a number of key games, allegedly referred to him as a “virus” in the dressing room and was filmed getting into a spat with him during training.

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Although many fans were unsure who to side with during this very public battle, pundits such as ex-United player Gary Neville were quick to criticise Pogba for his attitude – with no evidence of any wrongdoing on his part.

And yet, when the Frenchman returned to the starting XI after Mourinho was replaced by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, he was flying, netting eight goals and registering five assists in his next 10 games – proving Mourinho was the problem all along.

However, now that the goals and assists are starting to dry up for the 26-year-old, fans and pundits alike are quick to turn on him yet again.

This is completely unjustified, as Pogba’s performances haven’t dipped all that considerably – it’s the players around him that have been letting him down in recent games.

Against Chelsea at the weekend, the midfielder was constantly looking to make a killer ball and create chances all game but his teammates were offering him nothing.

The media pick on Pogba’s performances the most because he makes for an easy target due to his £89m price point and the fact that his name sells papers.

People need to understand that Pogba thrives in an attacking system in which players are constantly moving and creating space.

For some reason, the team around him have regressed all of a sudden and are not opening themselves up to passes as they had been in the early days of Solskjaer’s reign.

Once the players wake up and start playing like professional football again, there’s no doubt in my mind that Pogba will get back to his old self again.

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