Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Manchester United preview – team news, press conference quotes and more!

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What did the manager have to say before the game?

In his pre-match press conference, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was asked if his side had learned their lessons from their defeat to Wolves in the FA Cup. He replied:

"“We have to [learn from our mistakes] because, if we turn up against a good team and they are not performing at our level, we will get the result that we will deserve. “Last time we didn’t really play well enough against them, or with enough tempo against them. It was a different kind of game to many others for us. “We had the ball 70 per cent of the time, but sometimes possession doesn’t mean that you are going to create chances and score goals.” [manutd.com]"

The new permanent manager was also asked if Champions League football next season will be important when it comes to making recruitments in the summer. He answered:

"“Champions League next year would be fantastic and we’ve put ourselves in a great position. “When we came, me and Mick [Phelan], or when the change came three months ago, we were 11 points behind. Now we’re in that position, so we’ve just got to go into the next seven games with the same attitude we have done. “We go into the games with nothing to lose. Let’s go for it, see where it takes us and now when we’ve got into this position, it doesn’t mean or that means keep carrying on. “Don’t change your approach on how to attack games. Against Wolves in the FA Cup, we got more of the ball and it’s about us dominating, sometimes you have to defend well, but the intention has to be attack when we’ve got the ball.” [manutd.com]"