Paul Pogba is the best midfielder in the world right now on current form. Not debatable.

Since Ole Gunnar Solskjaer took over as caretaker manager at Manchester United, Paul Pogba has thrived in his new role in midfield. Here’s why, on current form, he’s the best midfielder in the world.

Yes, you read that right. Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba is undoubtedly the best in his position in the world right now.

Cue the uproar from rival fans.

Although he may have struggled under Jose Mourinho this season, since Ole Gunnar Solskjaer took over as caretaker manager, the Frenchman has shone in his new advanced role.

Pogba has managed an astonishing four goals and four assists in just five Premier League games under Solskjaer.

These figures can be broken down into two assists against Cardiff City, two goals against Huddersfield Town, two goals and an assist against Bournemouth, and an assist against Tottenham Hotspur.

What’s more is that United won all of these games – showing that these contributions actually mattered.

Some might say that Real Madrid star and recent Ballon d’Or winner Luka Modric is still the best midfielder in the world.

Others may say that Pogba isn’t even the best midfielder in Manchester, as Manchester City stars David Silva and Kevin De Bruyne are both superior to him in the middle of the park.

But let’s look that the statistics, shall we?

Pogba has seven goals and seven assists in the Premier League this season.

Modric has scored one and assisted two more in La Liga this season.

Silva has found the net six times and has assisted his teammates twice in the league.

De Bruyne – who has been injured for much of the season to be fair to him – has only managed a single goal all season with no assists.

So to conclude, Pogba has 14 goals and assists so far this season, Modric has three, Silva eight and De Bruyne just one contribution.

This means that Pogba has more goals and assists this season than the supposed best three midfielders in the world combined!

What are the haters gonna say now?

They can’t say he has only done it against the smaller sides this season, as he grabbed the assist in the 1-0 win over Spurs at Wembley on the weekend – showing he can do it against the top six.

I wonder what excuses the opposition fans are going to come up with next…

Do you agree that Paul Pogba is the best midfielder in the world right now? Or can you think of someone better who I’ve overlooked? Let me know in the comments below!