Don’t Worry about Manchester United’s Preseason Worries


Manchester United has completed their preseason camp as the ICC winds down to a tantalizingly boring end.

It did not go well for Manchester United and the tabloids exploited that with glee, so of course some Red Devil fans are understandably worried. Here’s why fans should relax and realize at the end of the day, this does not define the season nor Manchester United.

The media had a heyday (heysummer) with Jose Mourinho and United’s performance during the ICC this summer. A number of pundits and fans of other clubs have already discounted United and have put Mourinho on the chopping block to be the first manager fired.

Don’t worry. Big breath. The performance during the ICC was abysmal, don’t get me wrong, but keep in mind that Mourinho was missing a lot of his key players.

Manchester United did not have their primary attacking target, midfield creator, both fullbacks, and goalkeeper for the majority of the campaign. Mourinho is very picky in his squad selection and strategies.

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They work in tandem and if his squad does not fill his strategic needs, United is obviously set up for failure. This will be remedied with players returning from injuries, illness and vacation in the coming weeks.

Manchester United’s won just two games in preseason, which looks bleak at first, but fans, pundits, players must remember that these games are not the benchmark of how United, or any other team, will perform this season and it was more soccer outreach and practice.

When the time comes on Friday, there will be a different feel in the air. The smell of promise and championships, and that will yield a much more fiery, passionate team.

There will be a completely different squad under the lights of Old Trafford and look for them to start their campaign extinguishing all summer doubts and bad taste.

Finally, let’s briefly look at Louis Van Gaal’s record in preseason in 2015. Manchester under LVG only lost one game in preseason beating the likes of both Real Madrid and Barcelona, but went on to have a dismal season.

At the end of the day, preseason is taken too seriously for what it is. Fans don’t take NFL, NBA summer league, or NHL preseason seriously, so I tell you: don’t look too deep into this. This too shall pass.  Manchester United is bound for great things and Friday is the new season. We as fans, as a team, should put this summer behind us and aim for the title. Glory Glory Man United.