Manchester United keeper seeks redemption in World Cup action


During Spain’s thrilling 3-3 draw, David de Gea made an error leading to goal. As this is a rare occasion, de Gea wants redemption against Iran.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored a hat trick on de Gea in Spain’s first game in the World Cup. However, Ronaldo should have earned a brace. A rare mistake from Manchester United’s David de Gea allowed the ball into the back of the net.

Every player can have a bad game, as sometimes even the best in the world have them. David de Gea is one of the best keepers in the world, and he hopes to prove that in the next game with Iran. After all, Iran is a much weaker side than Portugal, so there is a possibility that de Gea can return to form.

At the moment, Iran (shockingly) sits in first place in their group. Additionally, Spain and Portugal settled with a point a piece, and Morocco has no points. Iran is the only team to win a game in the group. With that being said, Spain looks to dominate Iran in the coming days.

In Iran’s first game with Morocco, Iran severely struggled to maintain possession. In fact, they only had thirty-two percent possession. It took until the dying minutes of the match to score and win. If they want to beat Spain, they have to play much better.

When Spain played Portugal, they dominated in possession with sixty-seven percent. Going into the game with Iran, pundits expect Spain to dominate in every stat. After all, Spain has a much stronger side with much better management.

Who to look out for?

For Spain, David de Gea is an obvious standout. Furthermore, the Manchester United keeper is coming off a bad run against Portugal. Moreover, Iran is weaker than Spain, and they lack significant firepower. Still, this is the World Cup and anything can happen.

Also, spectators should keep an eye out for Spain’s Isco. For example, Isco went the extra mile when playing Portugal. Whenever he had the chance, he dribbled at opponents and supported the attack. Isco currently plays for Real Madrid and plays like one of the best in the world.

For Iran, keep an eye out for Aziz Bouhaddouz. In the dying minutes of their match with Morocco, Bouhaddouz found the winning goal in extra time. While there are no big names on the roster, anyone that can score on the world stage is dangerous on the ball.

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In the end, de Gea simply has to do better in the Iran match. For Manchester United, de Gea made no errors leading to goal. However, it is possible that the United keeper felt the pressure and could not deliver. Going into Spain’s next match, they have the possibility to tear Iran and apart and stand out at the top of the group.