Who could wear the Manchester United’s number 10 shirt next?

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Marcus Rashford

From Wythenshawe youth to Manchester United greatness. Marcus Rashford’s story is what dreams are made of. A dream that will eventually see him being handed one of the clubs most famous numbers.

A picture was doing the rounds on social media once of Marcus Rashford in a United shirt as a young kid. The number 10 was printed on the back. Rashford has made it clear before his idol growing up was Wayne Rooney, so it would be no surprise if he desperately wanted the shirt.

And likewise, with McTominay, it would send a message across the world that Manchester United put their own first.

Equally, Rashford is only 20. Is it too soon to be heaping this much pressure on him? Apart from the astronomic impact he made when he first came on the scene, his form has understandably been in patches. So surely it’s best to let him become more consistent and comfortable before handing him such a recognized shirt number.