Paul Scholes is set to manage Manchester United youngster

Paul Scholes is set to manage the Manchester United youngster and hopefully help him develop into a future superstar at Old Trafford.

Not many can deny the fact that Manchester United have produced a number of players who were able to turn heads in the world of football in recent years. Mason Greenwood has the potential to be one of the finest strikers that the club has ever produced, who has already shown a glimpse of what he can do in his short time in the first-team. Di’Shon Bernard is another such promising centre-back who could be a big name in the near future.

In 2016, Bernard started his career with the Chelsea Youth side before deciding to join the Red Devils in 2017. After playing in the Manchester United U18 and U23 sides for 3 years, the youngster will get to set foot in senior football with the League Two club owned by the Class of ’92 and currently being managed by Paul Scholes himself.

Di’Shon is an exceptional talent and has been a regular at the Club’s U23 line-up since his debut in the Europa League last season against Astana. Considering the current state of the defensive line-up of the Reds, it is clear that the club is adamant on fixing that problem.

United do not want to lose this opportunity of creating a valuable asset and they want the youngster to explore his options and gain the experience he needs to potentially play a part in the first-team in the near future.

Bernard is expected to make the most out of this opportunity to experience senior football at Salford City and make his debut soon under the Manchester United legend.

As reported by Manchester Evening News, here is what Bernard said about his move:

“I’m really happy to be here, it’s a different experience for me, the first time I’ve been in men’s football and I just want to get going.

“It’s going to be much more challenging for me. Obviously 23s you’re not challenged physically but now we’re going to be playing against men now so it’s going to be a big, big test for me.

“For me my defensive attributes are good, my passing through to midfield and even to the striker would benefit the team quite well.

“My hope is just to get as many points as I can to be honest and on a personal level I just want to  develop as a player, playing against big men obviously so hopefully I can develop playing against the older ones.”

Let’s hope he shines in the Salford City shirt and is ready to be a part of the first-team squad when he eventually returns to Old Trafford. One thing we know for sure though is that he is good hands.

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