Manchester United captain Harry Maguire provides his stance over potentially losing his United captaincy

Manchester United might see a new inheritor of their prestigious armband next season.

His eyes were still trembling in anxiety and fear. It was as if hundreds and thousands of tiny bubbles filled with water were about to erupt from those orbs staring firmly at the interviewer. It was a day of revelation — the event football fans all over the globe had been earnestly waiting for a while.

Finally came the moment when Harry Maguire’s own perception was summoned to light for the time since the 27-year-old England defender had to spend two nights in a Greece prison following a cursed experience on a Greek holiday island named Mykonos.

Nowadays, football players enjoy spending their off-season outside their usual territory in order to endure some fun and relish their life beyond football. And while a player has already finished a season that lasted for almost 10 months, a vacation is always required for refreshment.

Mykonos, one of Greece’s famous island, has been one of the most popular spots amongst the footballers when it comes to spending their free time with their beloved ones on the vacation. In recent times, some very illustrators footballers, including Manuel Neuer and Maguire’s teammate Marcus Rashford, have been to Mykonos, which is regarded as one of the most beautiful places indeed for summer vacation.

However, none of them had to face what Harry Maguire explained he and his family members and friends had confronted with on the island. And from now on, they would think twice before making their plans for a summer trip.

According to Harry Maguire, it was an accident that could have happened to anyone. To sum up the whole scenario on a short note, we have come up this summary: Harry Maguire, with his brother Joe Maguire and younger sister Daisy Maguire, was in a nightclub on the aforementioned island; the reports state Daisy was believed to have been injected with some sort of drug; when the police, dressed up as normal civilians, appeared on the scene and started questioning Maguire and his peers, Harry Maguire thought that they would have been getting kidnapped; on the other hand, the abrupt emergence of two policemen appeared Daisy losing consciousness; Maguire stated he had been trying to get his sister to the nearest hospital then; and quickly, a brawl began between the two parties, with Harry Maguire, Joe Maguire, and the 29-year-old Christopher Sharman ending up at a Greece prison.

Each of the three men was found guilty of repeated bodily harm, attempted bribery, violence against public employees and insult, and United’s current captain Harry Maguire was given a suspended sentence time of 21 months and 10 days, meaning the centre-back would be in prison should he commit another crime during the specified period.

However, Maguire’s legal team was quick to react against the judgement of the court, launching an appeal on Wednesday in order to overturn the accusations brought upon the reputed England international.

Not only has the incident created a sharp contrast of opinions within the Manchester United fanbase, but it is widely reported that the player might miss out on his chance to represent the prestigious badge as their captain again.

While asked about the matter in the interview conducted by BBC Sport, Maguire claimed:

“You see a lot of reports going around and it’s such a huge honour to be captain of Manchester United, something I’m really proud of. It’s a massive privilege to even play for the club, never mind be a captain. Obviously it’s not my decision to make, but one thing I will say is how supportive the club have been from top to bottom, they’ve been great with me and I thank them for that.

“It means everything. Obviously it’s been such a difficult time. My main focus is obviously family but the next best thing closest to my family is football. Playing for Manchester United is something I love and the club has been great with me.”

Despite various reports surrounding the club claiming that he might be stripped of his captaincy, Manchester Evening News understands that Manchester United have not made any certain plan over their captaincy choices for the next season as the club is fully concerned over their players’ safety.

And should he be proven innocent in the future trial, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer might stick to his captain. The off-season has not gone as it was initially planned for Manchester United. And if they lose their regular captain, it might lead them to another turbulent campaign.

Who do you think should be Manchester United’s next captain if Maguire loses the armband?