Manchester United could have signed football’s most exciting talent

Manchester United had a huge chance.

Alphonso Davies‘ story is becoming a legend. The kid born in a refugee camp who conquered the world. It’s the stuff of myth. But Alphonso Davies has been able to live it in the flesh. Lifting the Champions League trophy for Bayern Munich was the pinnacle for the 19 year old and there is much more to come. But could he have lifted the trophy for Manchester United instead?

Alphonso Davies’ story is an inspiring one. He grew up in Edmonton where the snow is so intense you can’t just play football outside, he had to take care of his siblings even as a ten year old. The First Time Finish has explored his fascinating story in detail with exclusive stories told by his agent Nick Huoseh and his former coaches in Edmonton, Talal Al-Awad and Marco Bossio.

It was a journey which ultimately led him to Bayern Munich. However if things turned out differently, the destination could well have been Old Trafford instead.

According to former Man United scout Jorge Avial via Manchester Evening News, Alphonso Davies was the first player he suggested for the Red Devils while the Canadian star was still playing for Vancouver Whitecaps.

Ultimately however, United rejected Avial’s recommendation and decided not to make a move for Alphonso Davies.

Instead Alphonso Davies chose Bayern Munich where he has become the best left-back in the world.

‘They (Bayern Munich) came with a plan. They said we want to use him in the left-back position and on the wing, but more so we thought he would be up top on the wing.’

Is how Alphonso Davies’ agent, Nick Huoseh explained his move to the First Time Finish. 

United are of course struggling in the left-back position. Luke Shaw‘s injury proneness and Brandon Williams‘ lack of experience cost them in the Europa League semi-final against Sevilla.

Who knows, maybe if things turned out differently and the club heeded Jorge Avial’s advice, the Red Devils might not have crashed out against their Spanish opponents.

Alphonso Davies would have been exactly the right fit for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer swift counter attacking style too. His pace is one of his best attributes and his recovery runs have earned him the nickname roadrunner by his Bayern teammates.

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Do you think Man United should have signed Alphonso Davies?