Manchester United: Solskjaer is keen to sign the ‘next Zlatan Ibrahimovic’

The Manchester United boss is determined.

In Sweden there are Vikings, rockstars and kings and then there is Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The former Manchester United forward is revered in his home country. There is an ethereal aura around him. Swedes fall down at his feet. They worship him.

The myth, the legend, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is one of the finest players to have participated in the sport in the 21st century. At 38 years of age he is still growing strong at AC Milan. With the self proclaimed ‘Benjamin Button label’ Ibrahimovic is relentless.

The fury and the sheer passion that boils in his veins when he plays football makes him a formidable challenge for any defender. His ability is stupendous. He plays football like a video game and the swathes of outstanding goals he has scored in his career is one of the finest resumes of any footballer.

His time left in football might be short, but just across the border, there is brewing excitement of a second coming.

Norway have had to watch Ibrahimovic’s success with misery. As the Swedes dominated Scandinavian football, Norway yearned for a hero of their own. Someone to lift the nation and spur them on from the ashes.

The emergence of Erling Braut Haland has given many Norwegians hope.

Haland has the same aura around him as Zlatan. The talent is there too. Having only just left his teenage years behind he has already scored a bucket load of goals.

And the confidence which he exudes is reminiscent of Ibrahimovic too. Haland has the same sort of arrogance and belief in his own ability. For some it might come off as excessive hubris. However for Ibrahimovic and for Erling Braut Haland that is not the case. Whatever they spout from their mouths is the truth. Their record speaks for itself.

Ibrahimovic’s venture at Old Trafford was brief. Nonetheless, the Swede was a charismatic character and his performances quickly made him a fan favourite on the Stretford End.

Erling Braut Haland almost followed in Ibrahimovic’s footsteps in January, however the Red Devils were unable to lure him to the club and Dortmund would prove to be the teenager’s final destination for now.

Despite the club’s failure, Solskjaer has not given up on bringing the ‘next Ibrahimovic’ to Old Trafford.

According to a report by the Evening Standard via the Daily Express, Solskjaer is still ‘keen’ to sign Erling Braut Haland in the future.

It would be the perfect reunion. Solskjaer played a pivotal role in shaping Haland’s fledgling career whilst the pair of them were at Molde. At United the duo could have the potential to dominate Europe for the next decade.

It is every United fans’ dream. A front three of Haland, Greenwood and Rashford would leave the best defences trailing in their wake.

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Do you think Erling Braut Haland is truly the next Ibrahimovic?