Manchester United set to pay surprise extra sum for Bruno Fernandes

Manchester United’s eyes are now on the coveted Champions League qualification.

The memories of the day when United players did perform a guard of honour for their gaffer, Sir Alex Ferguson, the winner of 13 Premier League titles with Manchester United, in his farewell at Old Trafford are still one of the glittering recollections United devotees have had managed to convey through a barren period of the unconvincing results.

You may have seen United fans, who have been witnessing the Red Devils all through the glory days of Sir Alex Ferguson, proclaiming the difference of characteristics between those sides and the sides United have had observed since the departure of the Scot.

And it is somewhat true that United have had not found many leaders like Roy Keane, Eric Cantona, Steve Bruce, Bryan Robson, and so on over last few years.

However, some believe they have finally got someone who has the capability to merge the whole team together and lead everyone by his own traits.

He seems to be the most workaholic player on the field, shouting at his teammates — quiet gently though, waving his arms to guide the full-backs to make forward runs, chasing the opposition forward while the marker is out of his acquainted position, and most importantly scoring goals and providing assists by creating loads of chances.

Some call him “Portuguese Magnifico”, while some others say he is “the best midfielder since Paul Scholes”, “Eric Cantona of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer”, “Stat-padder”, and many more. Well, he is Bruno Fernandes, Manchester United January acquisition from Sporting CP for an initial transfer fee of €55 million.

Since joining the Mancunian club, Fernandes has not only added more weight to his own name but has lifted the morale of the whole team to a certain extent, helping the team to go on a 19-match unbeaten run — which, of course, fell apart with their 3-1 FA Cup semi-final defeat to Chelsea FC —  across all competitions.

Having played 18 matches since landing at ‘The Theater of Dreams’, Bruno Fernandes has racked up nine goals and eight assists. His form and his tendency to make regular appearances for Solskjaer have not only been a sigh of relief for the manager, who has had struggled to cope with the injuries some senior juries of the team had in the first half of the season, but also could help Sporting CP, Fernandes’ former team, financially.

According to a report from Portuguese outlet A Bola (via Sportwitness), Manchester United will have to pay an extra amount of €10 million as a part of the add-ons included in the deal that was being agreed between the two clubs.

It is believed that Sporting would get €5 million should he complete the tally of 20 appearances for Manchester United, and €5 million more should the Red Devils qualify for next season’s Champions League.

Both scenarios are very much possible, and amidst the financial conundrum presented by the coronavirus crisis, the amount of €10 million may ease the job for Sporting authority. On the other hand, Manchester United, who now have their fate in their own hands, are expected to have no regret about losing those €10 million, considering how Bruno Fernandes has clicked and changed the atmosphere inside the camp.

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