The six stars Manchester United chief Ed Woodward will sell to sign Jadon Sancho

Manchester United want to sell these names.

At the end of January, for the first time in weeks, Ed Woodward must have loosened his tie and breathed a sigh of relief. For days on end he had toiled to secure a favourable window for Manchester United and despite the onslaught of ridicule regarding the arrival of Odion Ighalo, the United chief must have been confident he had played his cards right.

For the first time in a while Ed Woodward had made two successful signings. The club chief didn’t overpay for either and thus saved himself from the barrage of criticism which he had received in the months prior from an ardent section of the Red Devils fanbase.

Of course, Woodward probably didn’t rest for long. In the world of football, even when the transfer window is closed, the activity is rampant. The United chief would have already had his eye on the transfer window and would have been eager to continue the good momentum.

The Red Devils were preparing for a big one. The summer transfer window was expected to have a transformative impact on the team.

Unfortunately, Ed Woodward’s lofty ambitions have been scuppered by the unprecedented crisis thrown up by the suspension of the football which is expected to dent every team’s finances across the globe.

Now, Ed Woodward has been forced to tear his previous plans to shreds and start anew. Thankfully, United have been bolstered with the emergence of some exciting academy talent as well as the reassurances made by Paul Pogba about his willingness to stay at Old Trafford.

However, that simply won’t be enough.

Ed Woodward knows the club needs a major signing if the Red Devils want to fulfil their ambitions of returning to the pinnacle of the Premier League and to topple the current Liverpool and Manchester City hegemony.

Jadon Sancho is a player the Red Devils will be desperate to sign. So desperate in fact that according to the latest reports, Ed Woodward is willing to sacrifice as many as six United players to land the Borussia Dortmund star.

According to The Athletic via the Daily Express Woodward will put Sanchez, Rojo, Smalling, Jones, Lingard and Dalot up for sale in the summer.

The club chief will be hoping the above mentioned players’ departure will be enough to free up funds for Jadon Sancho.

The Red Devils’ future could hinge on the arrival of Jadon Sancho so it is pivotal they find a way to lure him to the club.

Do you think it is worth selling the aforementioned six players in order to sign Jadon Sancho?