Manchester United already have Cristiano Ronaldo’s heir at their disposal

Manchester United have Ronaldo’s perfect heir at the club.

For half a decade his toes twinkled on the Old Trafford turf. His sinewy legs and bulging thighs tormented Premier League defenders. His foot was like a lethal bullet and when he unleashed it, no matter from what distance, it would usually wedge into the back of the net. He was Manchester United’s hero. A star the Stretford End adored.

When he left, people wept. Cristiano Ronaldo‘s departure was greeted with enormous grief. The fans still yearn for his return over a decade since. There is a gaping void at Old Trafford which continues to stretch wider and wider.

For Ole Gunnar Solskjaer who was briefly teammates with Ronaldo during their spell at Old Trafford, the task has never been greater to finally find a replacement for the Portuguese superstar.

For many, Jadon Sancho has been seen as the perfect candidate to replace the club’s former number seven, however according to a recent report by the Daily Express, Solskjaer might not need Sancho at all to replace Ronaldo.

The report claims, Mason Greenwood is the ideal candidate and someone with the potential to erase the void left behind by Cristiano Ronaldo.

Such a statement is a bold one to make.

Mason Greenwood is a different player to Ronaldo. He is less about the tricks and the skills and more about direct pace and power.

Greenwood likes to drive at his opponents and he prefers finishing inside the box rather than scoring spectacular efforts from long distance.

However when it comes to potential, there is certainly signs that Mason Greenwood could become as good as Ronaldo.

At the same age, the Portuguese managed far worse numbers than Greenwood whilst playing in the same position in the first team.

The report also adds that while Mason Greenwood’s preference is to play as a central forward, his path might be ‘blocked’ by Anthony Martial which would mean the youngster could end up on the flanks for the long term.

Having thrived in that role, Mason Greenwood has given many hope that a hefty move for Jadon Sancho during a volatile financial period might not be necessary.

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Do you think it is worth giving Mason Greenwood a chance in the first team rather than buying Jadon Sancho?