Manchester United face huge twist in Odion Ighalo transfer

Manchester United have been excited with the progress of Odion Ighalo, however it seems that the Red Devils will face a huge twist over his transfer

Odion Ighalo arrived at Manchester United with little expectations. The Nigerian was written off and discarded as a flop before he had even set a foot on the Old Trafford turf. Rival fans ridiculed the Red Devils for being forced to panic buy and not being able to attract a more mercurial or household name.

However, the Nigerian was not fazed by the onslaught of ridicule which came his way. Odion Ighalo shrugged all the criticism aside. After all, he had just made his boyhood dreams come true.

Hailing from Lagos, Ighalo would watch his beloved Red Devils as much as he could. From a young age he became an avid United supporter and the club remained ingrained in his heart.

Ighalo couldn’t believe his luck when United came calling for his services, he didn’t hesitate and came to Manchester as fast as he could.

Even though Ighalo faced a two week isolation period, he got to work in the gym as soon as he arrived in the city.

His relentless attitude and hard-work begun to gain him some plaudits. His love for the club made him share a common bond with the supporters.

Yet even so, it was the goals which really endeared him to the Red Devils fans. Odion Ighalo came and did exactly what was expected of him.

So far in his mere four starts for the club, Ighalo has found the back of the net on every single occasion.

Before the season was cruelly suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak, the United faithful were keen to see more of the Nigerian in action.

Ighalo has yet to feature prominently in the Premier League and it was expected that as the season progressed he would play more and more. However the Red Devils might be dealt a major twist if the Premier League suspension continues beyond June 30.

According to the Manchester Evening News, United might not able to play Ighalo after June as the Nigerian is only contracted to the club until the start of July.

With the Premier League likely to continue into July, the Red Devils might be without the Nigerian forward during the final parts of the season.

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