How the coronavirus could impact Manchester United


With the coronavirus outbreak now highly likely in the United Kingdom it could have an impact on Manchester United’s season. Here’s what could happen.

The coronavirus seems to have arrived in the United Kingdom. It is a scary and anxiety ridden time with cases continuing to rise and no precise cure at the moment. The uncertainty and the spread of coronavirus could impact Manchester United too.

While of course, that will be of little concern considering the wider ramifications, it is important to address what could happen if the severity of the situation is increased.

United have already been mildly impacted by the coronavirus when new signing, Odion Ighalo, was quarantined for fourteen days after his arrival to the United Kingdom. Fortunately, his quarantine coincided with the Premier League winter break which meant he did not miss out on any games for the club.

One would assume the protocol would however be the same if any of the United players or their relatives contract the virus which could mean the Red Devils losing their players due to quarantine.

The government had sent letters out to every team in the Premier League via the BBC discussing their plans regarding coronavirus.

In the letter the clubs were told that ‘an outbreak affecting the first team of just one club could make completing the season very difficult to achieve.’

The priority will therefore undoubtedly be on ensuring the safety of the players and perpetual checks in order to ensure no one is contracting the virus.

In Italy, games have been postponed for two weeks and when they resume they will be played behind closed doors.

And according to the BBC it is the same ‘contingency plan’ being considered by the Premier League too.

That will mean United fans would be forced to watch games through live broadcasts.

According to the report the government has laid out three different categories for contingency plans. Currently the Premier League is in category A which is ‘as you are.’ Category B is ‘behind closed doors’ and if the situation gets severe it could spiral into category C which is ‘cancelation, curtailment and postponement.’

While this is the protocol expected in the Premier League it is unknown how UEFA plan to tackle the crisis with European competitions expected to be even more at risk due to air travel.

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