Manchester United finally set for an incredible multi billionaire takeover


Manchester United could be on the brink of an incredible takeover bid from the Saudi Arabia’s crown prince as he is reportedly keen on United.

In the modern age of football money often dictates a teams success. Of course there are anomalies but the general trend seems to be that way. Manchester United are certainly not short of wealth but they are in need of a new owner with a clearer vision and a passion for football.

The Glazers have often appeared to neglect the club and simply used it for their own profit. United fans have grown increasingly hostile towards the club’s owners in recent months especially with the Red Devils not performing on the pitch.

Unfulfilled expectations and money put into the wrong direction has raised huge eyebrows and questions marks.

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On top of that the lack of unity in the team and from the board has been blatantly evident. As well as Old Trafford becoming increasingly dilapidated with the roof leaking at some points in the stands.

That is not the sign of the huge club Manchester United are. The Red Devils deserve far better and the anger of the fans is dully justified.

Yet it seems that change could soon be on the horizon. According to the Daily Mirror Saudi Arabia’s crown prince Mohammed bin Salman wants to takeover Manchester United. The wealthy billionaire has been rumoured to have made a bid to acquire Newcastle but that seems to have fallen through.

According to the Mirror bin Salman is ‘focused on buying’ the Red Devils.

This could be huge news for the club. Bin Salman is reported to be an extremely wealthy man on par with the current Manchester City owners. He could give the club a new injection of riches and perhaps reignite the spark which is currently missing from the team.

Manchester United need some order in the club, and if bin Salman is the man to bring it about, the fans should certainly be excited.

The huge stumbling block will be for bin Salman to convince the Glazers to sell United as the Americans will probably be reluctant to sell one of their best assets with the Red Devils being such a global name in the world.

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What do you think would you be happy with bin Salman’s takeover of United?