Barcelona and Real Madrid want Manchester United star as Mbappe alternative

It seems both Real Madrid and Barcelona have set their sights on the Manchester United star as the perfect Kylian Mbappe alternative.

Manchester United are in a state of disarray. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s position as the club’s manager seems to be in doubt and the Red Devils are still a long way away from returning to the Champions League spots.

The squad is a mixture of up and coming youth players and deadwood who should have long been offloaded from Old Trafford.

There is lack of direction. A lack of ambition at Old Trafford. The club seems to be dwindling further and further away from Europe’s elite.

Yet amidst that plight there has been one glittering jewel who has developed a tendency to spark the Old Trafford crowd to life.

That jewel is the club’s very own Marcus Rashford. The 22 year old striker has had a remarkable rise in the last five years from making his debut as a fresh faced 17 year old to establishing himself as the club’s best player.

With every season Marcus Rashford has grown and grown and he is slowly but surely developing into one of the most fearsome attackers in Europe. Recently he has even been compared to the club’s former legend Cristiano Ronaldo.

It is no wonder why, Rashford has taken this season by storm. Around the halfway mark Rashford has already scored 14 goals in the Premier League and 19 goals for United in all competitions.

Those are very impressive numbers from the 22 year old, but it hasn’t just been his goalscoring prowess which has improved. His general play, his ability on the ball has rise ten folds in the current season. Marcus Rashford seems to be oozing in confidence and he has been pulling off some incredible tricks at Old Trafford exemplified by his clever dribble inside the box against Norwich City.

However with the club in such disarray, Marcus Rashford’s position at United just like every other players’ is uncertain.

And it is that uncertainty that Barcelona and Real Madrid are hoping to exploit. According to Diario Gol Real Madrid and Barcelona see Marcus Rashford as the perfect cheaper alternative for Kylian Mbappe and could make a bid for him in the upcoming months.

That will come as a concern for Manchester United who will now have to fight to keep their star man.

Though whilst Marcus Rashford has pledged his loyalty to the club several times if Barcelona or Real Madrid make an offer that will truly test his allegiances.

What do you think will Manchester United be able to keep Marcus Rashford if Real Madrid or Barcelona make an offer for him?