Ole on the Line: The Tasks Ahead for Manchester United’s Manager

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2. Establish his authority over the squad

Much of Solskjaer’s managerial time at Old Trafford appeared to be spent on pandering to his players’ whims. Granted, this was necessary to dispel the gloomy clouds that had enveloped the club at the twilight of Jose Mourinho’s reign. That approach, however, appeared to have backfired and was ultimately a negative as United’s performances pummeled, ending the season in woes. The envy and accompanying schism among the players arising from wage disparities created a discordance and indiscipline that caused a sloughing off of results. Solskjaer appeared a helpless lamb in the midst of a group of players whose major preoccupations appear to be lucrative contract renewals on the one hand and an unending fascination with Twitter and Instagram.

Solskjaer must ensure the elimination of all unprofessional attitudes by asserting his authority and culling off those players who may seek to undermine it – the big egos of the dressing room, as well as those whose agenda does not transcend their own self-adulation. Holding on to or even pampering players who show little interest in succeeding at Old Trafford will only incite indiscipline and whittle down his authority and chances of success.