Is it time up for Jose Mourinho at Manchester United?

Jose Mourinho

This is Jose Mourinho’s third season at Manchester United. Till this date, the Portuguese international has won the Europa League, League cup and the Community Shield. Considering the amount of money he has spent in his time at United, I feel that the trophies he has won for the club aren’t enough.

Playing style

I must admit that just like many others, I am not a big fan of Jose Mourinho’s style of play that he has implemented in the club. United have been dubbed as “boring, slow and dated” because of the famous defensive, boring and old approach that Jose brings along with him wherever he goes.

Parking the bus in big games and sitting back after scoring a goal are two of the many reasons why it annoys fans so much. While this style of play has won United games, it has also played a part in some crucial big games that United have lost.

At the end of the day, I had to settle down and accept the fact that the style of play doesn’t matter even if it pains me to watch them as long as they get the win. However, I feel that it is time that he changes the style of play to achieve better results.


Paul Pogba


Relationship with players

This is a trend that follows Jose Mourinho wherever he goes. He tends to fall out with players a lot. Jose Mourinho has apparently fallen with the likes of Paul Pogba, Luke Shaw and Anthony Martial so far and it won’t be a surprise if he loses the dressing room anytime soon.

Third season curse

Another trend that follows Jose Mourinho wherever he goes is the third season curse. Things always go wrong in the third season for the Portuguese-man and he knows it very well. Whether he does this intentionally or not is still unknown to me.

In conclusion, I personally think that Jose Mourinho should be given time till at least the end of this season. Should he fail to win back the fans and some silverware, sacking him would be the only sensible thing to do.

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