Henrikh Mkhitaryan: I prefer to play as a number 10

CARSON, CA - JULY 15: Henrikh Mkhitaryan
CARSON, CA - JULY 15: Henrikh Mkhitaryan /

Mkhitaryan played his part in West Ham’s 4-0 demolition in the Premier League and talked about his preferences as a player in Mourinho’s team.

The Armenian managed to grab two assists to start of the club’s Premier League campaign in style. While he may have looked a little shaky in the first half, Mkhitaryan grew in the second and put in an impressive performance in the number 10 position that will certainly catch Mourinho’s eye.

Speaking on where he likes to play, the former Dortmund man said, “I prefer to play as a No.10 but if the manager thinks I’m helpful for the team playing on the wings I am happy to play on the wings. It doesn’t matter.”. Mkhitaryan was one of Mourinho’s summer signings last year and had his say on the boss’s new transfers.

“It was not only Matic. I want to mention as well the other two new signings, Lindelof and Lukaku. They are very good players. They are, I think, Manchester United players. Matic does a big job on the pitch. He tries to recover all the balls. He defensively does a big job.” said the two footed footballer.

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND – AUGUST 13: Romelu Lukaku of Manchester United celebrates scoring with Nemanja Matic, right, and Marcus Rashford, left.
MANCHESTER, ENGLAND – AUGUST 13: Romelu Lukaku of Manchester United celebrates scoring with Nemanja Matic, right, and Marcus Rashford, left. /

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Mkhitaryan continued, “Lukaku scored his goals and Lindelof is still going to have time to show himself. So I want to say all the players are good signings and they are going to help us a lot.”. He also had his say on Matic’s transfer as well as Manchester United’s recent fortunes in the league since Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement.

“Actually I am (surprised). But at the same time I am very happy that we have got him.”

“As a player and for a club, you are always going to have ups and downs. I think the last few years was a little bit down for the club but since last year, and this year, I hope it is going be up for the club. We are going to try to do our best to bring the club on the level it was at before. It is always hard but we will try and do our best.” he said.

While Mkhitaryan was one of United’s top signings last season, he didn’t waltz straight into the team the way new transfers Matic and Lukaku have. Lindelof appears to be struggling with adapting to Mourinho’s methods as well as the factors of joining a new club but Mourinho will employ the same method of transition he used last season for the Armenian.

Henrikh had one of his worst performance in a red shirt vs Manchester City, confirming to Jose the need for him to adapt first. The Portuguese tactician was quick in protecting the player, reinforcing his belief that he will be a top player for Manchester United while slowly integrating him back into the team.

In truth, Mkhitaryan was far more useful in the Europa League, a cup competition in which the standards were different to the Premier League, allowing the number 10 to slowly gain confidence as he became one of the top performers there for United alongside Swede icon Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

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This season, the Armenian is reaping the benefits of transitioning and followed his early pre-season form with a top performance against West Ham, hinting of what is yet to come. Should Mourinho do the same with Lindelof, United will have a top centre-back in years to come and Mkhitaryan will get his dream of playing as a number 10 for the Red Devils.