Game Recap: Manchester United 2 - Sunderland 1

Credit: Clint McMahon

Credit: Clint McMahon

A win!!! Finally!!! It wasn’t easy but it was a win.

Here’s what happen:

United, in what seems to be typical United form, practically gave Sunderland the lead after 5 minutes on an odd bounce off of Vidic. The goal, which was scored by Craig Gardner, certainly set the stage for a potential upset.

The first half chugged on, but despite Sunderland’s valiant efforts, the home side weren’t able to extend their lead. United seemed off. Nothing was clicking, even with RVP and Rooney both playing! The game remained 1-0 as both sides headed into their respective locker rooms.

The beginning of the second half was to be defined by a certain Adnan Januzaj, who would end up receiving a yellow card for embellishment prior to scoring an equalizer for United. The strike would be Januzaj’s first goal in the BPL.

But he wasn’t done there. Just a couple of minutes later, Januzaj gave United the lead. As some commentator mentioned, a star has been born at the stadium of life. Welcome to United lad, I think you will enjoy your time here. After the goals, it seemed that United began to play like the United of old.

I really don’t know what to say about this game. I am happy that we won, but the terrible play the occurred in the first half can’t be forgotten. Sure, we gained our ground in the second half but we barely beat the worst team in the entire league. That can’t just be thrown out of the door after a decent second half.

I’m happy that we won, we needed it. But there is still a lot of work to be done.

Hopefully United have gained some momentum with from this win and I sure hope that that some of that momentum will carry over to United’s next game, against Southampton on the 19th.

Go United!

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