Man Of The Match: Adnan Januzaj

Mandatory Credit: Ian C

Mandatory Credit: Ian C

Well this was an easy one.

With two goals, a yellow card, and a world of new fans, Adnan Januzaj was by far the man of the match in Manchester United’s 2-1 win over Sunderland today.

This memorable day for the 18-year old began by starting his first ever premier league game. Along with the rest of his lackluster teammates, Januzaj was relatively quiet in the first half. It was the second half where he would shine.

He kicked off his monster half by diving and getting a yellow card for embellishment. The dive was not only blatant, but incredibly immature. Hopefully he gets a good scolding after all of the celebration has subsided. Only a few minutes later, Januzaj was to redeem himself.

A pass and a beautiful touch later and Adnan Januzaj had not only scored to tie up the game, but through his goal he managed to also rejuvenate the entire United squad. The icing on the cake for the youngsters night would come only a few minutes later. Yet another beautiful touch and the ball was soaring into the net. 2-1 United.

This guy has looked good for a while but today he took his game to a whole other level.

Welcome to United kid. I’m looking forward to the next few years with you here.

Go United!

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