Why United Should Fire David Moyes

Credit: By Dan Farrimond

Credit: By Dan Farrimond

In the Sir Alex Ferguson era, a 1-1 draw against Shaktar Donetsk would have been considered a travesty. Sadly, in today’s David Moyes era, it feels as if these results have become common place.

United continue to struggle, both in the Champions League and in the Premier League. Time is ticking if United wishes to turn things around and still have hopes of at least a run at the title. I realize that another Premier League win may be a bit on the unrealistic side this season. However, if United end up anywhere out of the top-4, which means that they would be out of a Champions League spot, many fingers will be pointed, but ultimately, the full blame will end up on David Moyes.

I’ll start by clearing up a couple of things. I don’t hate David Moyes, in fact, I think that he is one of the ideal long-term coaches for United’s sustained success. With that said, it is clear that some type of change is needed, and with it being a couple months until the January transfer window, any player shake-up would have to occur within the organization.

While some may argue that the Glazers would be pulling the trigger too quickly by firing Moyes this early on in his stint, others will argue that United’s American owners won’t have a choice. Especially considering the huge sentiment that can be felt from the Man U fanbase.

The decision won’t be easy, but rest assured, if United lose another game in the Premier League to a below-average team, such as Sunderland on Saturday, Moyes should start packing up his belongings.

Then there is the issue of finding a replacement. There are the obvious names that always emerge when spots open up, however, I have a feeling that United want to appoint someone Brittish, rather than a foreign manager such as Ranieri.

We’ll see how this thing plays out, but if you ask me, United should #FireMoyes right now.

Anyways, I am sure that Fergie isn’t doing anything now-a-days. Right?

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