Morning News Roundup (9/29): Is It Time To #FireMoyes Yet?

Mandatory Credit: Paolo Camera

Mandatory Credit: Paolo Camera

No games today, but boat-loads of news. Let’s get to it:

Manchester United manager David Moyes feels heat after shock 2-1 home defeat to West Brom – The Telegraph
Is it time to #FireMoyes yet?

No crisis at Manchester United, insists Alexander Buttner after West Brom defeat – Mirror
Hey Alex, I don’t know if you realized that this is United’s worst start in the Premier League. Ever.

Ferdinand doesn’t commit, Anderson lacks discipline and Man United’s defence could cost them a Champions League spot – Mail Online
Losing out on the title is one thing. Missing out on the Champions League is a whole other situation.

David Moyes warns Manchester United players that no one is certain of their place – The Irish Times
Yeah, let’s bench Rooney. Said no one ever.

David Moyes says Manchester United squad lacks quality needed to win the Champions League – The Telegraph
It’s the same bloody team that won the Premier League last year, besides the coach, nothing has changed! Did Sir Alex really mean that much to this team?

U18: Villa 3 United 1 –
Now no one is winning.

Moyes: Spark was missing –
It is your job to provide that spark.

Go United!

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